Online Business Card Exchange Platform


About BCKeeper

BCKeeper is a cloud based online business card exchange platform. You can create up to 5 business card and exchange your card with other business partners. Thanks to cloud based BCKeeper, whenever a business partner changes any field in business card, you will be able to see latest updates.

  • Always Up To Date

    Your connected BCKeeper users change their info... You have them on hand...

  • Cross Platform

    We don't care if you have an Android phone or an iPhone...

  • Easy Share

    Share your business card with others using QR Code...

  • Change Template

    Select a predefined template and you are ready to go...

  • Know Who Knows

    You always know whom you gave your business card. Want to pull it back? Then pull it back

  • Profile Picture

    You can see profile pictures of business card owners...

  • Quick Actions

    You can call, send email or text to busines card owner with a simple click on card...

  • Notifications

    Know about updated cards or your card has been forwarded...



Our Pricing Plan

Your business... Free or Premium?


Suitable for Amateurs


(Really Free)

  • 1 business card (BC)
  • Exchange your BC with other users
  • Standard BC template
  • Only 1 logo can be used on BC
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Suitable for Professionals


Per Year (In App Purchase)

  • 5 business cards (BC)
  • Exchange your BC with other users
  • Choose among BC templates
  • Up to 3 logos can be used on BC
  • See whom holds your BCs
  • Mark a subscribed BC as favorite and be informed on changes
  • Call subscribed BC owner with a single click
  • Send SMS to subscribed BC owner with a single click
  • Send email to subscribed BC owner with a single click
  • Archive a subscribed BC for later check
  • See subscribed BC that you archived
  • Share some info of subscribed BC owner via other applications
  • Forward a subscribed BC to another subscribed BC owner
  • See subscribed BC owners social media icons with a single click

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